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Every day a Continental pilot enters the realm of responsibility and unpredictability.  He is a professional.  The lives of those who rely on him are faceless but ever present in his conscience.  

Every day that pilot kisses his loved ones good bye as he departs for work.  In the back of his mind is the fact that he may not return.

In the event of no return, or in the event of a pilot who has met those responsibilities in the past but who may not be conducting his duties at the time, his peer group, his family, those whom he has loved, and who love him wish to see that the dedication he has spent in his endeavors is repaid with the ultimate respect and condolence.

It is a comfort to those who have respected, admired, loved, and shared the uniform creed of knowing he “met the challenge” to know that he will garner a respect of solemn tribute.  This tribute can only be given by his peers.

The Federal, State, Military, and Police authorities have long recognized a need to send off their brethren in a respectful and proper manner.  As a professional society we feel the need and the obligation to establish a program which honors our fallen.

This program is intended to serve all continental Pilots–active, furloughed, or retired.  The CALALPA Honor Guard transcends union and company politics.  There is no greater form of unity than serving a fallen brother or sister and their family in a time of need.

If you would like to volunteer to become part of the CALALPA Honor Guard or would like to request that your name be added to the list of pilots who request our services, please contact us via email at:  CAL.HONORGUARD@ALPA.ORG

Captain Mark R. Benton, Chairman

First Officer Ken Posey,
IAH Lead

EWR Lead

CLE Lead

GUM Lead

F/O Sherry Quekemeyer
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Captain Lenell’s Tribute
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In Memorium:


Robert Milne, Captain

Craig Lenell, Captain

Samuel Lee, Captain

James Walling, Captain

Anthony Miller, Captain (XJT)

Dana Marleaux, FO

Maj. Blair Faulker, FO

Andrew Rossignol, CFI

   Son of CAL CA Rick Rossignol

Lois Bookman, RN



Honor Guard Video
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Honor Guard 2008-09


Jayson Baron

Mike Bettencourt

Mike Bowers

Daryl Brewin

David Dyers

Rodney Clinkenbeard

Bill Coleman

Keith Coffin

Ken Costa

Chuck Cummins

Jeff Egli

Robert Favuzza

Doug Frankell

Charles Green

Dan Gronstal

Dale Hanlin

Dave Harvey

Mike Hatten

Arthur Hayes

Paul Havis

Kyle Hendrick

Jim Hodgson

Robert Hornack

Ricky Jackson

Don Jensen (Ret.)

Daniel Johnson

Eric King

Chip Legassey

George Lippold

Paul Lucken

Mike Lundeen

Pat Malowney

Doug Marotta

John Meara

Leroy Mehan

Jay Meinen

Mark Meyer

Lonnie Minze (Ret.)

Ross Mosher

Ed Neffinger

Rick Nicholas

Scott Obeginski

Kenneth Posey

Rob Pulvino

Stuart Ramsey

William Redmond

Kyle Reiser

Mark Ruffino

John Ryan

Peter Schnur

David Snapp

Mike Snowden

Aaron Snyder

John Solomon

Fred Stankovich

Jeff Titus

Mick Wagoner

George Weaver



Honor Guard 2007-08


Mark Adams

Brad Andrews

Brian Bagenski

Mark R. Benton

David Bounds

David Bratton

Joan Bubb (XJT)

Edmund Burke

Andrew Cameron

Alex Cross

Charles Cummins

Kari Degurse

Philip DiCostanzo

John Drake

William Dressler (XJT)

Christopher Dwyer (XJT)

James Foster (XJT)

Dale Gustafson

Mark Haley (XJT)

Thayne Inman

Jerry Irwin

Matthew Johnson (XJT)

Samuel Landry (XJT)

Robert McCartney

Christopher Malo (XJT)

David Mather

Adam Melnick

David Nichols

Benjamin Palmer

Jon Palmer

Gary Potter

Sherry Quekemeyer

Daniel Sebastianelli

Martin Shupp

Robert Smith

Thomas Tremblay

Andora Vrooman (XJT)

Bosh Wagh (XJT)

David Warrender

Timothy Watters